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Why Many Lottery Winners Are Selling Their Annuities

Calculating a structured settlement

There are only a few specific moments in your life in which you might gain access to a large amount of money at once. While you may have time to prepare for a large inheritance, you’ll probably be more surprised when you become the recipient of settlement money; and chances are that you’ll be positively shocked should you win the lottery. However, these kinds of occurrences happen more than you’d think. Should you end up with lottery or settlement payments, it may be difficult to figure out what to do next. As much as we’d like to fantasize about winning money through a lottery or even a settlement, the fact is that these payments don’t usually work out the way we imagine. You don’t automatically get a lump sum of cash. With that being said, there are ways that you can get that lump s

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Business Valuation What You Need to Know

Small business valuation formula

Whether you are looking to determine your business’s worth in order to assess whether an offer to buy is fair, to obtain bank financing or in preparation for an exit strategy, knowing how much your business is valued at can be crucial. Business owners might need a valuation for a number of different reasons, including identifying weaknesses with a view to improving operations, as part of the financial reporting processes, or to improve profitability.

If you are asking “what is my business worth”, there are a number of ways to obtain small business valuations, from online business valuation calculators to business valuation experts who specialize in helping business owners wit

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