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Four Tips to Get Out of Debt

Invest your money

If you want to scare people about a particular topic, a long established method has been to use a statistic or large number. Numbers are stark and honest in a way that words are not. That said, did you know that consumers in the United States collectively owe 11.91 trillion in debt? To keep that in perspective, the much discussed National Debt owed by the Federal Government was 16.3 trillion at last count. The household statistics under the umbrella of consumer debt are disturbing as well, with the average household having 13 payment cards of some sort, $3762 in revolving debt and a massive 40% spending more than they made. If you want to avoid being a part of this percentage, it is time to stop doing the bare minimum, if that, and take some serious steps toward paying off your debt. For those that want a d

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How to Decide Annuity vs Lump Sum Lottery Winning Payments

Selling a structured settlement

If you are lucky enough to win a sizable amount of money in one of the many lotto drawings that take place throughout the country, then you have to decide annuity vs lump sum lottery winning payments. However, if you start out with an annuity, you do not have to keep getting lottery payments.

When faced with the decision annuity vs lump sum lottery winning payments, many people choose annuity in hopes of keeping their money safe for years to come. However, the more money you have the more money you spend and those that spend faster than it comes in, get anxious and either need or want the money to pay off debts. This is true, even if you win the Mega Millions which pays a large payment up front and 29 payments that grow by 5% each year or the Powerball whose payments also increase each

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The Importance of Cash Management Software

Cash recycler machines

Whether a business is big or small, at the end of the day the money from sales needs to be counted. An employee or the owner of the establishment could be in charge of counting the register, but humans make mistakes. If you want perfect accuracy each and every time, you need a currency counter machine as part of your retail cash management system.
In addition to being 100% accurate, installing a cash management system with cash management software allows businesses to free up time because it is much quicker than having a person count all the money. One of the main reasons that cash counters are quicker is due to the fact that the machine only has to count the money once. When a person counts it, he or she has to count it two or three times to confirm accuracy. Furthermore, the right currency counter

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Tips for Selling a Structured Settlement

Selling your annuity

Many people these days have structured settlements. These can be from lottery winnings, lawsuits or insurance settlements. In 2013, payouts from medical malpractice lawsuits accounted for about $3.6 billion. The average price of an employee lawsuit settlement is $150,000. For a lottery like Mega Millions, with a prize of $50 million, the initial payout is around $750,000 followed by 29 annual payments. All of these payments are subject to income taxes. The long draw out of payments is one reason many people choose to sell their structured settlements.

Steps for getting cash for structured settlement:

Decide you want to sell your settlement. You will need to have a reason for wanting to sell your settlement. At some point a judge will have to approve the sale and will ask about your reason

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Annuity or Cash What is Best for You?

Structured settlement annuity benefits

Even though winning the lottery seems rare, there are a lot of people who need to understand the annuity and lump sum difference. Winning a court settlement can mean you are entitled to payments that you can either get as an annuity settlement or get immediate cash. These payout options can be confusing and you should have all the information before making a decision.

A lot of money is tied up in annuities, about $2.58 trillion at the end of 2013. Megamillions and Power Ball ty

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