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Getting Cash For Structured Settlements What You Need to Know


Structured settlement annuities in legal cases provide claimants with much-needed compensation for wrongs committed. Whether it is the result of a medical malpractice lawsuit (which, in 2013, paid out a whopping $3.6 billion in compensation) or a lawsuit against an employer (which have risen over 400% since 1995), a structured settlement annuity provides relief for those who need it the most.

However, receiving an annuity settlement is not as simple as it sounds. As the word suggests, an annuity is an annual payment made over a number of years. It is often the case that money from an annuity cannot be doled out until a certain period of time. This perio

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3 Things To Consider Before Buying Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate companies

Did your Etsy account blow up? Is your storefront bakery getting a little crowded? If so, you might be looking into commercial real estate. While investing in real estate to grow your business is ultimately a good long term goal, the move is not without risk. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider the following factors before calling any commercial real estate companies:

1. Understand your Finances
Before looking into commercial real estate listings, it is absolu

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What Really Happens When You Win the Lottery?

Cash in structured settlement payments

So you’ve won the lottery, and life is just as great and care-free as you’ve always imagined it would be, right?

Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth — and as any lottery winner will tell you, no matter how big your lottery winnings may be, life can be just as stressful as before.

First, lottery winners have to decide how they’d like to receive their winnings: either all at once in a lottery lump sum payout, or over a long period of time (usually around 25 years) in lottery annuity payments.

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The Simplest Way to Get Cash Now from Lottery Winnings

Cash for your structured settlement

Almost everyone likes to play the lottery from time to time. In fact, statistics indicate that playing the lottery is actually the most widely and highly practiced form of gambling across the United States. And while everyone dreams of winning the lottery, not many are actually prepared for what to do if they win.

When a person wins the lottery, they will typically receive a lottery annuity settlement. A lottery annuity takes the money you have received in your winnings and spreads it out in payments across a certain time span. Two of the most typical periods are over the course of 25 years or until the recipient’s death.

The majority of people dealing with annuities, however, do not want them, pr

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What To Do If You Really Win The Lottery

Sell my annuity payments lump sum

With the recent uptick in large lottery payouts, the question of how one might spend such vast winnings has been a hot topic of conversation lately. Below is what we like to call a rational daydream–aka, how one might go about life after winning the lottery if they eschewed the ice cream truck made out of diamonds and wanted to be smart about their winnings:

Step One: Understand What You Are Winning Exactly
The different lottery branches pay themselves out in different ways, and a full lottery lump sum payout is not typical. For example, Megamillions pays out one big chunk of cash immediately and then follows up with an annuity payout, or a payment once a year, for 29 years after that. Read more ...